10 Steps to Supercharge Your LinkedIn Profile


Most people’s profiles on LinkedIn suck. That’s a good thing. It makes it easier for your profile to stand out. A good LinkedIn profile means more business, more jobs, more professional connections, more dates :). Just joking.

But not really.

I joined LinkedIn in 2008. My profile sucked until about 2013. Since then I’ve connected with 4223 professionals (as of this article). I’ve gotten several job offers via LinkedIn. I’ve even consulted a few Vice Presidents and CEO’s on how to turbocharge their LinkedIn profiles. And I’ll be the first to admit…

I learn something new about LinkedIn every day.

You can view my current LinkedIn profile here. Feel free to lift all of my ideas if you’d like. Cheers to plagiarism!

Here is my list of 10 19 things that you can do to supercharge your LinkedIn profile. I got a bit carried away with the caffeine and kept writing.

*These are not in any order of priority. This is simply my brain purge on the topic. If you have some others you’d like to include for the benefit of the group, feel free to add them below.

  1. Add a profile picture. Should seem obvious, but a lot of people don’t have them.  This one step will triple your visibility, connections, and benefit from LinkedIn.
  2. Add a headline that describes what you do, what you are good at, what you offer to customers or clients.
  3. Updated your Summary. Write a personal statement that includes your experience, goals, and specialties. Use keywords that you want people to find you for.
  4. Update your work experience. Treat this like a resume. Whatever you would put on a resume, add it in your work experience. This is your online resume.
  5. Update your interests. Use keywords that you want people to associate with you. Commercial lending, real estate investing, social media consulting.
  6. Update your education. Tag your university. People will find you by searching your school.
  7. Update your endorsements. Add skills that you want people to endorse you for. Ask for endorsements from people that have worked with you, friends. With endorsements, the more you give, the more you get. Trust me.
  8. Add photos or links of your work. Under each job. Under your summary. This is a relatively new feature that most people don’t utilize. This will set you apart immediately. Check out how I did this here.
  9. Add publications. If you were ever published, quoted, etc.
  10. Add certifications. Anything you’ve been certified for. Real estate, website design, etc.
  11. Follow influential people in your industry. This will associate you with the biggest names in your industry. People listen to people with influential friends.
  12. Post, post, post. Your work updates, interesting articles you’ve read, projects you have completed, things that you have worked on with team members. It’s even a good idea to post funny stuff. Most people don’t so it will set you apart. Just remember to keep it professional. Or not. Push the envelope.
  13. Set up a Hootsuite account for free and regularly post articles from industry publications.
  14. Add connections. Everyone you know. People you’d like to know. Add all connections from your gmail or outlook account. All connections from your iphone or android. This is the fastest way to get a lot of new connections.
  15. Update your profile regularly.  New projects, new connections, new jobs, new publications, new groups.
  16. Update your job title each time you change positions, get a promotion, get a new job.
  17. Get recommendations from people that have worked with you.
  18. Leave recommendations and endorse people you know. I’ve gotten 6 incredible recommendations. I’ve given 8 or 10. Give more than you get.
  19. Join groups. Join groups in your industry. Join groups in industries you want to be in. Search groups by typing your industry into the search bar at the top. Join the top groups with the most members. Introduce yourself in the discussion once you are a member.

This is not an exhaustive list by any stretch. Just my brain purge for today. Hope this helps you get a start with this.

If you only do half of the things on this list, you will be ahead of 90% of professionals on LinkedIn.

Have some additional ideas? Have a question? Feel free to add them in the comments.

Since this is a post about LinkedIn, I guess it’s not cheesy to make this request. Connect with me on LinkedIn.

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